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3 Considerations When Creating a Church Budget

“A solid budget and spending plan creates trust between church leaders and church members, which is important because so many people lack trust in churches to manage money well because of past experiences they have had.” — Happy New Year! As we kickoff this fresh year, we’re tackling an important topic: Church budgets. Most people […]

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An End-of-Year Checklist for Church Leaders

Holiday decorations? Check. Christmas sermon written? Check. Choir and band ready to perform? Check. Community outreach? Check. If you are someone that likes end-of-year checklists, you probably have one similar to the one above. Planning and preparing for the Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year for church leaders. And you […]


3 Ways to Encourage Young Families to Give to Your Church

The generous financial gifts of a local church congregation are the backbone of sustaining a local church. Money and giving are twin topics that are often taboo in a local church, and this can obviously inhibit giving and cripple the financial situation of a ministry. It isn’t very fun to think about, but doing ministry […]


5 Ways We Should Talk About Money at Church

Money can be a taboo topic, can’t it? Money has torn families apart. Money has torn businesses apart. Money has torn churches apart. It can be a difficult subject and, because of that, we sometimes avoid it. But this doesn’t need to be the case! Given that money is a sensitive subject in churches for […]